The third grade class held their own election while the presidential election was going on. The students picked candidates that they wanted to run for president. The candidates, then, decided who would be their vice president. After the third graders had their candidates decided, they came up with what were some of the issues they would like the president and vice president to address for third grade. Next, the candidates and their running mate were handed the questions and given time to answer them in order to prepare for a debate.

While they were doing that, the rest of the class were making posters for the candidates. The candidates then presented their ideas and answers to the class in a formal debate. All of the students in third grade then voted for their choice for president and vice president. At the voting site, they had papers that informed them of the candidates’ answers to their questions, since most of the third graders were undecided on their vote.

The votes were counted, and after a close race, the third grade class president was chosen to be Joselyn, with her vice president being Sydney. Congratulations Joselyn and Sydney!!!

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election-3 election-1 election-8