Catholic Education

Why Catholic Education?

Many parents are interested in a Catholic education for their children because they believe in the “whole child” educational philosophy at Catholic schools.  Through integrating academics, religion, performing arts, athletics and activities into the curriculum and culture of the school, students are encouraged to explore their talents, to learn a wide variety of topics, to grow in their faith life and to strive to be good and moral citizens.

At St. Mary’s Catholic school we serve children from all culturesreligious-education and economic income levels and we serve all children with love and compassion.  Our children expect to do great things and they do!  Many of our Jr. High students take high school algebra and calculus classes and are assigned a personal mentor to help them to reach their goals.  No students are left behind, we encourage all children to do their best and we help them along the way.

It is a personal education, not just a private education, that can help all students to be the best that they can be.  And better than most people believe!  We believe in all of our students and we know they have a greatness in them that just needs to be inspired and nurtured!  We are here to serve that need and to serve our families and students, in a Christ-centered learning environment.

For more information about the personal education system at St. Mary’s Catholic School, please contact the school office at 402-476-3987.

Graduation Rates

99% of Catholic students graduate; 86% go onto college