Embracing Diversity

At St. Mary’s school, we are so privileged to have a student body from very diverse backgrounds. Students are always encouraged to share their cultures and customs with others. A key factor in knowing and understanding cultures, is speaking native languages. Currently we have students that speak  7  languages other than English!! We pride ourselves on providing an environment where students from diverse backgrounds feel safe and proud to express their uniqueness.Embracing Diversity

Multiculturalism in its truest sense is to be highly valued in our Catholic schools, although we must be cautious in using that term because of what it currently has come to mean.  The Catholic Church is truly multicultural because it includes and transcends every culture.  Our children must be taught to value human dignity and to respect differences in human cultures, but never to accept immorality under the pretext of multiculturalism.  They must be taught to analyze cultural proposals and trends in the light of faith and to integrate into their own Christian lives only those aspects that are truly good.  It is in Christ, the perfect God made Man, that all human values find fulfillment and unity.

This is what makes the Catholic school distinctive from those others that teach values outside of Christ.  It is Christ “Who ennobles the human being, gives meaning to human life, and is the model which the Catholic school offers to its pupils,” (Catholic Schools, 35).