Home & School Association


The Home and School Association contributes materially to the support of the school. The essential purHSApose of the organization is to provide the best possible program of education.  If this purpose is to be accomplished all parents or guardians and teachers should be active members and attend the one hour meetings held monthly. It is during these monthly meetings that pertinent school information (finances, academics, recognition) is shared with all attendees. St. Mary’s school is very fortunate to have 95% of its parents actively participate in these meetings. This is to be commended, and we applaud you for your participation and interest in the Catholic education of your child/ren.

If you have not already attended one of these meetings, we ask that at least one parent or guardian from each family attend each meeting.  The scheduled meetings are listed in the Saint Mary’s School Calendar and Handbook and in the Friday Parent Bulletins. We realize these monthly meetings may not always fit in your schedule, and in that case, please check with the office to receive all missed information. We look forward to seeing you at the next Home and School Meeting!