Mr. Scott Bendler

scott-bendler-sept-2015My name is Scott Bendler (Mr. B). This year is my 3rd working as the Pre School Para (teacher assistant).  I taught St. Mary’s Middle School from 2011-2015. Before teaching at St. Mary’s, I had multiple teaching experiences in public education at the middle school and high school level working with at-risk and special needs students for 28 years.

I was inspired to become a teacher because of my high school Speech/Drama teacher and his wife. You wanted to go to their classes because they made learning fun and kids liked being around them.  Plus, they enjoyed being around kids both in and out of school.  While I am retired from the public schools, I continue to teach at St. Mary’s because of the students, their families as well as the entire St. Mary’s community.  I have never felt more appreciated.  I feel privileged to be here.