Resource & Title One

St. Mary’s school wants all of our children to be successful in their academics. We understand that every child has different learning capabilities, and that some students need a little extra time and help to achieve their highest potential. Our school takes part in the Title I program, and currently have three Title I teachers. us-dept-of-ed

Title I, is a federally funded program that helps disadvantaged children to increase their academic standing. The program specializes in reading and math for grade K-5 students whom are not performing at grade level. These students meet with the Title I teacher, two to three times per week. Meetings are either individual, or some students are grouped with two to three other students working at the same level. Beginning of year assessments are conducted to find what areas the child is needing improvement. Students are then taught basic skills to increase their comprehension throughout the year. The skills are specialized and customized to fit the student’s needs. An end-of-year assessment is then conducted to track the student’s progress, and to ensure they are achieving their highest potential.

To find out if your student is eligible for the program, or to get more information about the program, you can either contact the school office at 402-476-3987 or click on the link below:

Title I Information and Eligibility Requirements