Student Accountability


The conduct of each student should help promote an environment in which all students can make the most of their learning opportunities. Speech and behavioresponsibilityr should reflect the high standards of the school and be a real credit to the home and the school.  Students who do not conduct themselves according to the standards required will be subject to disciplinary procedures.  These procedures are followed according to individual classroom discipline rules and the general school rules.

  • Parents will be contacted by the teacher for any student whose conduct is repeatedly unacceptable or whose offense is serious.
  • If the conduct does not change, the Principal will meet with the student, parents and teacher. At this point, students may be subject to detention and/or suspension, depending on the seriousness of the offense.
  • Any further problems will result in a meeting with the Pastor, Principal, Teacher, Student and Parents or Guardians to discuss the continued attendance of the student at Saint Mary’s School. Parents or guardians should help their children know and follow school rules in order to avoid the necessity of these procedures and to avoid expulsion. PLEASE NOTE – If any teacher, staff member or administrator is accosted IN ANY MANNER WHATSOEVER (pushing, hitting, approaching in an assertive manner, etc.) the student will be immediately expelled from school.


    St. Mary’s is committed to providing all students with a safe and secure school environment in which all members of the school community are treated with dignity and respect. To that end, St. Mary’s has in place policies, procedures, and practices that are designed no bullyto reduce and eliminate bullying and harassment as well as processes and procedures to deal with incidents of bullying and harassment when they occur.

    Bullying and harassment of students by other students will not be tolerated in the school. St. Mary’s harassment, bullying, or any other victimization based on real or perceived race, gender, creed, color, national origin, disability, physical appearance, and personality characteristics.

    This policy is in effect while students are on school property, in school-owned and/or school-operated vehicles and while attending or engaged in school sponsored activities. If after an investigation a student is found to be in violation of this policy, the student shall be disciplined by measures up to and including suspension and expulsion.

    Harassment as set forth above may include, but is not limited to the following behavior/overt acts and or circumstances:

    • Bullying, verbal, nonverbal, physical or written harassment, or other victimization that have the purpose or effect of causing injury, discomfort, fear, or suffering to the victim;
    • Repeated remarks of a demeaning nature that have the purpose or effect of causing injury, discomfort, fear, or suffering to the victim;
    • Implied or explicit threats concerning one’s grades, achievements, property, etc. that have the purpose or effect of causing injury, discomfort, fear, or suffering to the victim;
    • Demeaning jokes, stories, or activities directed at the student that have the purpose or effect of causing injury, discomfort, fear, or suffering to the victim; and/or
    • Unreasonable interference with a student’s performance or creation of an intimidating, offensive, or hostile learning environment.


  1. Students are expected to be respectful to self and others. In this manner we acquire the respect of others.
  2. Students are not permitted to hit, wrestle, jump on, push, or pull another students or throw rocks, snowballs, or anything at anytime to injure anyone.rules
  3. Any instance of fighting will result in an automatic in-school suspension, which means loss of recess at first. Repeated instances of fighting will be subject to detention, out of school suspension, and lastly, expulsion. Each case will be handled individually.
  4. There should be silence in the halls, stairways, and restrooms of Church and school
  5. There should be no running in the school or cafeteria at any time.
  6. Gum chewing is never permitted on the school premises or in the Church.
  7. All private, public, school, and Church property is to be respected and cared for. Sidewalks and other designated walks are to be used rather than taking “shortcuts”.

TEXTBOOKSschool books

It is the responsibility of each student to give proper care to all instructional equipment and supplies. Textbooks are furnished by the school.  Students will be asked to keep their books covered so as to prevent damage to them. A fine will be assessed for loss or excessive damage beyond normal use.


  1. All students must remain in the yard in view of the teacher or person supervising during recesses.
  2. No one may leave the schoolyard or parish premises without permission from a teacher or the playground supervisor.
  3. Individuals who are supervising the yard have complete authority tojumprope correct and penalize any student who disobeys the rules.
  5. NO FOOTBALL will be allowed on the playground without special permission.
  6. If a ball goes out of the playground, students must tell the adult on duty. No student may go into the street or alley.
  7. If a ball goes on the roof, please notify the adult on duty and he or she will tell the office. Someone else will get it down. No student may climb on the roof.
  8. No climbing of any kind is permitted on school or Church property.
  9. No fist fighting is permitted at any time. Any instance of fighting will result in an automatic in-school suspension. See School Rule #2 previously noted.
  10. Balls and jump ropes need to be in their proper places after each recess.
  11. When the bell rings to end recess, all playing stops. Students should walk to their line and line up quietly. They are to enter the school building in silence. There is to be no talking in hallways or on stairs.
  12. During lunch recess, if a teacher wishes a student to come to him/her, that teacher must tell the adult on duty before time.


Students bringing cell phones to school must check them into the school office upon arrival in the morning and may pick them up at dismissal. If a student is caught with a cell phone during the school day, the cell phone will be confiscated and held in the school office until the end of the school year.