Sacraments & Prayer

Along with daily mass and prayers, St. Mary’s school prepares its students for three of the seven Holy Sacraments.

Reconciliation (confession) is the second of the seven Holy Sacraments. Confession will be available for Saint Mary’s students once a reconciliation_1month except in December and May. A Child’s first confession is made during preparation of receiving their first Holy Eucharist. Confessions are also given at regularly scheduled times in St. Mary’s Church. More information on the Church’s confession times can be found on the Church’s website or by calling the rectory at 402-435-2125.


Holy Eucharist (First Communion) is the third of the seven Holy Sacraments. St. Mary’s Catholic students in second grade are prepared for both the Sacraments of first communionReconciliation and Holy Eucharist. These Sacraments are received in the spring of each year, usually during Easter time. Preparation requirements are given to the students and parents of the students that are receiving their First Communion, during the school year. For more information about First Communion, please contact our second grade teacher, Kim Janssen through our school office at 402-476-3987.


Confirmation Catholic students in fifth and sixth grades will be prepared for the Sacrament of Confirmation. This Sacrament is usually received in the spring of alternating years. confirm(Contingent on the decision of the Bishop.) The Bishop is the only one that can administer the Sacrament of Confirmation, unless special circumstances have been granted by the Bishop.



To receive more information about these Sacraments, or to get preparation requirements, please contact the school office at 402-476-3987.

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